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The Barking Dog Theatre Company


Британская театральная компания

The Barking Dog Theatre Company

Стоимость 1 билета на любое представление: 500 рублей


Расписание спектаклей в рамках Дней английского языка, образования и культуры »


Представляем Вашему вниманию театральную компанию The Barking Dog Theatre Company, которая с 1987 года провела сотни представлений для маленьких детей, школьников и студентов в сотнях школ Англии, Уэльса, Шотландии, и Ирландии, а также на таких театральных площадках, как Colchester Arts Centre, The Jersey Opera House Studio, Hereford Courtyard Theatre Studio и The Dugdale Centre, Enfield, London.

Представления одновременно развлекательные и образовательные. Каждое из них создано для определенного уровня образования и владения английским языком. Аудитория обучается наслаждаясь спектаклем.



Мы привозим с собой все что нужно для представления – великолепных Британских актеров, костюмы, куклы и музыкальные инструменты. Наши спектакли развлекают, веселят, информируют и обучают одновременно.

Во время тура по России мы планируем показать следующие представления:

  • The Wind In The Willows (For children 4-9)

    • The story starts with Mole who has had enough of spring cleaning and goes out to see the world. He meets Ratty, Badger and of course the irresponsible but loveable Mr Toad. Mr Toad loves to be on the move and we see him travel by Horse, Caravan, Barge, Train and of course his favourite method of travel: The Motor car “Poop poop!”
  • Snow White (Children 4-11)

    • The Wicked Queen asks her magic mirror "Who is the Fairest of them all?" and is shocked to discover that it isn't her but is her step daughter Snow White. Snow White finds herself banished to the woods where she finds a little messy house. This house is the home of the Seven Dwarves. They take her in and she looks after them. However, the wicked Queen hasn't given up and soon arrives at the little house carrying a poisoned apple...
  • Around The World in 80 Days (for teenagers and young adults)

    • This Jules Verne classic tale tells of how a rather boring Englishman and his more interesting French servant take a trip around the world on newly opened railways. They travel through Europe, India, China, Japan and the USA before returning to London. The big question is whether thay can complete their journey in under 80 days.


Mike Brooks

Mike is a British actor, writer, singer, songwriter and director. He was born and raised near Cardiff, Wales then lived in London for twenty years or so before returning to Wales. He has spent his whole working life touring and performing. He has acted for many touring theatre companies including Bristol Express, Molecule and Applause Productions. Since 2006 he started running his own theatre company: The Barking Dog Theatre Company. He is also tours with his band Here Be Dragons with whom he has recorded six albums and toured across Europe and the USA.


Kamal Simpson

Kamal Simpson was born in London. He spent his high school years studying theatre at the BRIT School of Performing Arts until 2006. He has since trained extensively under a variety of theatrical disciplines including Meisner technique, clowning and improv. He recently starred in the British independent feature film 'Scales' (release 2018) and appeared in the Critically acclaimed and award winning feature film 'Never Let Go' (2016) by director Howard J Ford. He also starred in the recent stage production 'Inna' at The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. His television credits include the award winning british series 'Benidorm' and 'After you've Gone' and the short film 'Scripted' by BBC director Dan Berlinka. He has toured extensively around the United Kingdom with the Children's Theatre Companies 'Riverbank' and 'Barking Dog' in a number of productions and is soon to appear as the featured voiceover for the Childrens video game 'Hugo' in Scandinavia.


Chloe Van Harding



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