Bridges Not Walls


Представляем клип нашего хорошего друга Майка Брукса «Bridges Not Walls»:

I like open arms open minds
To be open to new ideas
Be open to what's around me
With open eyes and open ears
I'm open to suggestions
Whether great or small
And I want to help that happen
Build bridges not walls
Build bridges not wall
Build bridges not walls
I want to remove the barriers
I want to watch them fall
Build bridges, not wall
Build friendships, build trust
Build faith in each other
Build confidence build hope
Build peace with one another
Let's build a dream together
All for one and one for all
Try to build a better future
Build bridges not walls

I'm not afraid to listen
I'm not afraid to see
I'm not afraid of people
Just 'cause they don't look like me
I'm not afraid of my neighbours
or to answer their call
And make friends not enemies
Build bridges not walls

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