Phonology Module (3): Language and Methodology Levels B2+


This course focuses on Phonology and is split into six units. Each Unit comprises two x two academic hour sessions (2 x 90min)  90 min sessions. The focus of model one is to look at the broad areas of teaching methodology using a wide variety of authentic media.

The first session in a unit is dedicated to language consolidation and extension on the topic through the use of authentic materials as a context. These are taken from a wide variety of media to not only illustrate the use of language, but also be engaging in its own right. After consolidation with the language there is a focus on active practice of this.

The second session will focus on the  methodology used in teaching the language focus from the first session of the unit. Course participants will examine the use of methods, terminology and the best way to put this into practice in a lesson. There will then be a hands-on practical task for course participants to actively take part in with a focus on use in their own classrooms.

The whole module will be 24 academic hours, delivered on-line.


English Language





World Englishes

To open the module we listen to a variety of Englishes and focus on the key  differences between them

World Englishes

In this session we focus more on differences between language, dialect and accent, and who we can describe these


Formal English

In this session we watch videos of a variety of authentic English speakers in formal situations

Individual sounds

This session focuses on the difference between phonemic and phonetic script and classroom practice with this


Our daily life

For this session we watch a variety videos of English in everyday situations


This session focussed on world and sentence stress and how we can practise this into the classroom


Colloquial English

In this session we watch videos of more colloquial English

Connected speech

We will focus in this session on different aspects of how English changes when it is spoken naturally


Filling in the gaps

This session focuses on the more challenging aspects, and how we as listeners can deal with these


Pitch, rises and falls and how they are naturally used in English is our focus for this session


Bringing it all together

With the aid of authentic texts we review all the language areas covered in this module

Bringing it all together

To round off the module we review everything covered methodologically during this module

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